Monday, January 25

I thought I would stop by and fill you in with the frog and snake update. Last night the girls brought the frog 'Damp', as they named it, up on the deck in it's container filled with some water, to keep it safe. Before I went to bed I went outside to check on it and it had jumped out of the container and onto the bench seat so 'Damp' must have been feeling better, in the morning 'Damp' was gone so I'd like to think all will be ok and 'Damp' is recovering safely. And the snake is no longer in the cubby house but I'm still wary.I was asked about my experiment with the mango seeds the other day so I thought I would share with you what I have done. Once the seeds had dried I carefully opened them up to reveal the pod inside. After some research I decided to put the pod in some water and once the pod sprouts I will plant it in some soil and hopefully I'll have a mango tree. You could put the pod straight into some soil but I thought it would be a fun and visual experiment for the girls, hopefully I have better luck than I did with the hyacinth I tried to grow in water.

Over at Vic's her meme this week was What are you reading? At the moment my favourite books would have to be the craft books, I also have a book on top that isn't really a reading book but a book of Find a Word puzzles I bought when we stopped by Kingscliff. I am also reading a good book about dealing with child behaviours called 'Your child, your way'. I am relearning and teaching myself to look for the positive behaviour, not focusing on the negative and I'm getting some great results.:)

Thanks for popping by.

Smiles Catherine xo


  1. It seems absoloutly everyone is reading the crafty minx at the moment... I need it too!

    I think I also need the kid wrangling one... really!

    I have Handmade home so I guess at least that is one less thing to covet!

    Thanks for playing this week!

  2. Glad 'Damp' survived and that Mr Snake has disappeared :) The mangoes are really interesting - I hope they manage to regrow for you. Looks like you have a good collection of books on the go at the moment - I've seen 'The Crafty Minx' in a few bookshops - is it a good one? Love your new banner! That's something I need to get on to doing - jazzing up my page a bit. Enjoy your Australia Day with your family x

  3. Oh those mangoes gave me a little fright at first glance LOL! Glad I quickly read the post and discovered with relief they were mango seeds!

    How wonderful to have your own mango tree *wistful sigh* - good books!

  4. So glad the froggy is okay! :) Hopefully the snake didn't catch back up with him! :)

  5. I'm glad damp survived...and those mango seeds look lovely in tehir little glasses.


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