Thursday, February 18

My Creative Space

Hey there! I've still been feeling a bit stuck in a rut and guilty of not spending enough time creating but I got a bit of a groove on today, enough to make a few cute little gift cards. Last week I made a card for my hubby using stitching and just loved it so I made a few more today. When I was much younger my grandmother taught me how to embroider and I really haven't done any for many, many years. It feels really good to get back into it again, to do something that you love, stamping, and using a skill which I was taught by someone that I loved. I do have a plan for these cards but I just can't tell you yet, stop by tomorrow and all will be revealed.

If you want to take a peek at what everyone else has been creating then head over to Kirsty's place.

Catherine xo


  1. Beautiful cards! Found you through Kirsty's site on creative spaces... I love the little embellishments on top of the flower card...that extra pop!

  2. Lovely cards!

  3. These are adorable! Especially love that button one... I love buttons!

  4. I was strolling through your archives and just had to tell you how lovely these are. Nice job!

    julie k,

  5. These are awesome!
    I am loving them and feeling a little jealous that I am not as creative and productive with my time :) But only just a lttle bit Just happy to share in your creativity have a great weekend.


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