Sunday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope all of you had a good day today. Did you do anything to celebrate? My hubby and I have a monthly date which this month happened to fall on Valentine's Day so we got to spend it together this year, it's always nice to get in some adult time together. So today we went to the movies to go and see Valentine's Day. It was a pretty light and fluffy kind of movie but I really enjoyed it.

Last week I gave you a peek into my creative space and showed you what I was making for my hubby but I hadn't finished anything. Everything was ready to give him today so I thought I would show you the finished products. The card which I really enjoyed making, stitching it was so much fun and I love the effect. I might try this technique out a bit more I think. The scrap booking page with a mounted picture and a sentiment I found on the internet. There are heaps out there and some great ones for birthday messages too if you get stuck for things to write. And the shadow box with the rock heart. To get the effect of the backing board I mounted the heart on, I firstly painted the board red and then glued strands of red cotton to cover the entire board. When the cotton was dry I cut the overhanging strands and then popped a dimensional under the heart and put it all in the shadow box, easy and the cotton adds a bit of interest I think. I just thought I would think outside the box (ha ha) and give something different a try.

Anyway I better get off to bed now, feeling a bit tired and tomorrow I'm heading to the gym so I better get that energy up so I'm all ready to go go go, I'll give it a try anyway;)

Talk soon.

Catherine xo


  1. Your package is really fun ... and nothing says how much people mean to you than a scrapbooking page. It's there forever.

  2. LOve the card Catherine, I have just started to use stiching on my cards, it took me a while to bring myself to "mix" crafts for some reason...yours has turned out wonderfully.

  3. I absolutely LOVE your card - such a gorgeous design! The scalloped lace paper is so pretty. Beautiful! Glad you had a nice Valentine's Day x

  4. That card is really sweet and I think it's great that you take the time to do these things.

  5. Very cool Catherine! That rock heart is awesome! I am sure your husband loved it all!

  6. Hi Catherine, Really enjoyed this post and am very inspired by the scrapbook page. Will let you know if I copy the layout idea. It could be on the cards, I'm helping Mum do up an album for my nephew.

    I have a little giggle every time I read your resolutions for the year. The one about the procrastination is SO like me. I too have decided this year will be the year to stop leaving everything to the last minute. Lol.

    Cheers, Deb


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