Sunday, February 7

My Place and Yours - What's in Your Bag!

I thought I would place along this week with Vic's meme. It was chosen by The Textured Leaf and she wants us to show what's in our bag. So here is what's inside my bag:
♥ my phone (thank you my darling hubby)
♥ my red Jag purse that I've had for ages now
♥ some tissues in a homemade tissue holder
♥ some chapstick
♥ hand sanitiser
♥ a post it note holder, looking a bit tatty after being tossed around (maybe I should make a new one)
All of these things are in my new Cath Kidson bag I finished making this morning, yipee a bit late on my January to do list but not tooo bad.

Thanks for the great theme this week and for stopping by. Have a good week!

Smiles Catherine xo


  1. I love the Cath Kidston bag that you've just finished, it looks great. I love sticky beaking in other people's handbags too :) Mine is always so messy!

  2. yay u finished your bag. i made mine about a month ago - isn't it great having it already cut! I'm the worst at cutting out patterns :)

  3. LOVE your Cath Kidson bag - looks fabulous! You are a bit like me - I only have the basics in my bag usually. Thanks for you feedback on Grace's room too x

  4. Is that ALL youhave in there? Wow! (cute bag too)... my list would take half a day to read! LOL

  5. I luff your bag & your red wallet - but I can't believe you did nae edit that bag... you can get by with just that....?!

    I am impressed & jealous at the same time, you'd never get tired lugging that around!

    Thanks for playing this week!

  6. Your Bag is so pretty and so neat!! Mine keeps accumulating until the car keys vanish in the bottom.

  7. Love the bag too! & no not very much stuff in it at all! Nice & tidy!

  8. Wow you travel nice and light. Snap with the phone! Don't think I could live without it now.

  9. You love red ... I love someone who loves red.


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