Thursday, March 4

My Creative Space

After success with my cooking yesterday I thought I would take the easy way out with dinner again tonight and I've made Turkish Meatballs, so later on I get some potatoes and peas cooking and dinner will be made, easy.

Today I stopped off my local scrap booking shop to pick up some envelopes and I just happened to spot this cute paper that I thought would be perfect for Easter. I'm going to make a couple more of the boxes you can see for my girls to give to their teachers for Easter.

And my sewing project in the making is this cute little softie called Maisie. I'm making it to give to my friend who is expecting a new arrival, today! I phoned her the other day to see how she was going, knowing that her baby was due this month but didn't think it was this week so I'll be busy getting it made tonight along with some bibs.

If you want to find out what other people have been busy crafting then stop by Kirsty's to check them out.

Catherine xo


  1. Cute softy (i think that is what you called it)! So sweet of you to make something special for people! Love those boxes!!

  2. Love the Easter paper you bought. It's so nice as a teacher receiving thoughtful, handmade gifts. Your softie is so cute - I'm sure your friend will love it!! x

  3. Maisie is really sweet. I'm sure she'll be well loved.

  4. Naaaaaaw, Maisie is adorable. Already such personality!

  5. i really need to start thinking about easter too ... something simple to share with others because homemade stuff is the best!

  6. What a cute little baby gift, love all the colors!

  7. What a beautiful gift you are making for your friend. You are very clever. Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage.


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