Friday, March 5

Some Sunshine on a rainy day

We are all a wash in Queensland at the moment and it keeps on coming which is causing problems for those out west in St George and Charleville. Our dams are filling up and now we have a combined level of 85.8% which is fantastic but I think its time for the the rain to stop in the Sunshine State.

This afternoon I was out getting some groceries when I came across these happy yellow chrysanthemums and with a price tag of $3.07 I thought would a nice treat to brighten up the house on a cloudy day.

I hope you have had a fantastic Friday and that Saturday is a sensational one for you.

Catherine xo


  1. The chrysanthemums are such a beautiful colour, very cheerful on a gloomy day:) Hope you have a wonderful weekend Catherine ~ Tina x

  2. Gorgeous flowers!! I think I need to get me some flowers too to help my mood! :) Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  3. What gorgeous flowers - such a happy sunny colour - they look lovely in that white jug. I love having fresh flowers in the home too. Wish we would get a little bit of your rain - haven't had any here in Perth for a while now although has been cooler the last few days. Thanks for your birthday wishes yesterday Catherine. Hope you have a great start to the weekend.


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