Monday, March 1

Tagged - Seven Things About Me

The other day one of my regular visitors lovely Amanda from Homely One tagged me so here we go:

1. I've known my husband since we were 5 years old. We spent all of primary school together and a little of high school, later meeting up when were in our late teens.

2. When I was studying I worked in a pizza shop and enjoyed every minute working there. I was the one who put the toppings on the pizza, it was so much fun and even better on a Friday night having pizza for dinner. 3. I love the smell of coconut. Do you remember that coconut oil that people used to use to get a sun tan? I loved it and my Nan used to use it all the time but with sun safety now I stick to using coconut smelling soap.

4. I love to watch Bollywood movies. As a present my hubby surprised me with dinner in an Indian restaurant and then we went and saw a Bollywood show which was very special. 5. I've never been camping. Once at a school camp many years ago but not in the true sense, cooking on an open fire and all that other fun stuff.

6. I'm very good at being able to tell what a particular car is just by looking at it. I'm not always accurate with models but I can usually tell what type of car it is before seeing its badge. Strange but true, not sure why, maybe it was all the long car rides as children.:)

7. When I was younger I loved to go on scary rides at fun parks, now they just terrify me.

For any of my lovely blog readers if you want to join in feel free to, I'd love to find out a little bit more about you. Thanks for asking me to play Amanda it was fun but hard too.:)

Catherine xo


  1. What a fantastic list of 7 things Catherine!! I used to use that tanning oil in High School - Eek!! How wonderful you have know your husband pretty much your whole life!! Love that you used to do the pizza toppings, I love pizza:) It was great getting to know you better, thanks for sharing :) ~ Tina x

  2. Hi Catherine, thanks for playing long - loved reading your list. I found it hard to think mine up too. How lovely that you've known your husband since primary school! I absolutely LOVE coconut too and bought a coconut soap last week :) You'll have to go camping with your girls one day - is lots of fun x

  3. ahhh reef oil, the smell of youth!
    I think I saw some recently that was 15plus but i cannot be sure...oooh wouldn't that be good 30 plus reef oil! Nice to know you a little better!

  4. yep, guilty, loved that reef stuff aswell.
    bollywood, wow, i only see bollywood movies if they are shown on SBS, but LOVE indian food.
    nice getting to know you a bit better Catherine


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