Saturday, January 15

Wow what a week!  For many, the weeks ahead will be difficult ones. We were lucky, it was scary seeing a river flowing at such a fast rate, hoping that it didn't rise anymore to spare people of its destruction but that didn't happen. 

The view from the front of my house through the trees is the brown river.

I still can't quite believe that this has happened but when you see first hand it's heartbreaking.  Today I visited a street near to my daughter's school and the mess was so sad to see. I picked a house and helped, it is only a small amount of what will need to be done but was greatly appreciated and the people were in  such good spirits.  For those who cannot lend a hand with the clean up a donation is greatly appreciated here at the Premier's Relief Fund. 

Steph is also organising a softie drive called Hope Softie for those little ones who need something a little special to help them at this difficult time, if you can sew this is a great cause.

Thank you to everyone who has supported in anyway to help those who have been affected by this disaster, Australians are such generous people and I am so proud to be one.

Take care lovelies.


  1. That's a most wonderful gesture, these little hope Softies are the cutest!
    Have a sweet Sunday, Catherine and the sweetest dreams for now xxxx

  2. Hi Catherine,

    Good to hear you are safe there. I like your new blog look too. Very fresh.

  3. I can see the river! That is high. Incredible. Good on you for helping out :) xo

  4. What a lovely idea. Glad you are safe and well

  5. watching the news it seems everyone is leading a hand to those who need it. it must be an overwhelming feeling to be there. glad you are safe.

  6. So glad to hear that you are safe and well.


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