Thursday, February 24

My Creative Space

I got an idea for a friend's birthday present so I needed to get some fabric with her in mind, also last week I suggested to Miss 11 I would make her a hat for camp.  So on Saturday we headed to the fabric shop with only 45 minutes to choose some fabric, gee that's hard. (lol)  

I let Miss 11 choose her own fabric with some guidance and made up her handmade original.  Hopefully she enjoyed using it on camp, I'll soon find out.

To see what else everyone has been busy creating this week, stop by Kirsty's for some creative inspiration.


  1. Loving the citrus and red combination. Looking forward to seeing what you make.

    Very clever (and rather handy!) to be able to make hats for your kids. I seem to need 3 on the go per child and they're not cheap to buy!

  2. Great work, even better that your 11y.o. chose it & still liked it as a finished product, well done to both of you!!
    She looks petit like my 11y.o. high schooler, do you have trouble finding clothes?? I spent the Summer Holidays trying to find school dresses, we settled for size 5s, smallest they make & most of her friends are in 10s?? She's only 3" shorter than me.
    Have a gorgeous weekend (close enough) love Posie

  3. I adore the hat. She's got good taste. I hope she enjoyed the camp. What a big girl now. What year is she in and did you end up staying at the school you were in? I'm loving the top two fabrics too. I too can't wait to see what you create. Pruxxx

  4. I love the fabric in both pics. Hope camp goes well!

  5. Love the hat - gorgeous fabric! Hope your big girl has had a wonderful time at camp.

  6. Great hat! You did well to get the choosing done in 45 minutes.
    Hope camp was fun. Have a super weekend.

  7. Wow, you are super clever! Love the fabric.


  8. loving those fabrics ... happy friday x

  9. Great hat pattern!!!

    I love both lots of fabric choices, just perfect!!

    Jodie :)

  10. lovely material. It is nice when the little ones get involved. Charmaine


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