Monday, February 21

My hubby has been on holidays but today was his first day back at work. Before he left he handed me a box with these sweet earrings inside, awww I felt very teary after that.

The house was very quite Miss Molly kept my company:)  I kept busy tidying up and sorting through my Little Miss 7's clothes, a bag for donating and another for a friend.  I sorted through old clothes of Miss 11 that now fit Miss 7, it brings back memories, it's so nice to see them being used again:)

Do you have any plans for Tuesday? Tomorrow I'm sewing another hat this time for my big girl to send with her to camp, I'll show you when I'm finished.  Enjoy your day:)


  1. Aww, he is such a sweetie, what a beautiful gift!

    Enjoy your sewing! x

  2. It was Paul's first day back at work today after his holidays too - felt a bit strange after I've been in holiday mode for a few weeks too. Our Tuesday is a quiet one - grocery shopping and then a play at the park. I promise to write to you soon x

  3. beautiful. A work day for me today. Charmaine

  4. What a lovely gift! As Jane would say, he is a keeper! Housework, a run, puzzles with the little one, reading with the older one... not much planned here!

  5. that really is just so sweet.


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