Wednesday, February 16

A while ago I was awarded the Stylish Blogger Award from two of my kind and thoughtful blog followers, Carmel who always inspires me with her beautiful crochet work and Louba who is soon to be married and shares her preparations and adventures.  Thank you so much ladies for thinking of me, I am really chuffed that you both thought of me:)  So seven things about me, let's start...

1.  I really enjoy listening to classical music especially when I'm driving in car, I find it calming but on the other hand I enjoy grooving to almost any 80's music, it's a bit daggy but I love it.
2. I really don't like wearing dresses, I'm more comfortable in my jeans, shorts and sometimes skirts.
3.  When I cook I always use a recipe.  I have my own recipes stored up in my head for spaghetti and tacos but to alter a recipe or make up my own is very rare.
4. When I was a child I only ever wanted to play the flute but didn't get the opportunity.  My big girl doesn't want to play the flute anymore so I'm keeping it just in case I pluck up the courage to give it a go, one day.
5. I grew up in the country for some of my teenage life, walking down to the local creek for a swim and enjoying my chooks, I was also known as the chook lady.
6.  Up until last weekend I hadn't been on a bicycle for over 4 years but got a new one and had a great time riding around the neighbourhood with my family although a bit wobbly at first.
7. I really enjoy having candles on at dinner time, for no reason in particular.  Recently I started using beeswax candles they burn evenly, smell softly of honey and are better for the environment then other wax based candles.

There are so many wonderful and inspiring blogs that I enjoy here are some of my regular reads your should definitely go and visit.

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I hope your Wednesday was a wonderful one.


  1. Congrats on your award, Catherine - so well deserved. I really enjoyed finding out more about you. I'm totally with you on #3. As for #4, I learnt for a while but found it so hard making the correct embouchure so I gave up. I'm going to collect my flute from my parents' house this weekend as the pixies want to see it. And #7 is delightful. J x

    PS I can't see your first photo - it seems to be broken.

  2. Congratulations on your award Catherine - I always enjoy your posts and smile when I see something new of yours on my dashboard. I too always cook with a recipe and have been using candles more lately. Enjoy the rest of your week x

  3. What a beautiful photo of those flowers. Gorgeously delightful x

  4. Yay, congratulations! Love that picture of the roses. Love that you're rediscovering the joys of cycling too.

  5. You are so kind! Thank you. I will play along with the seven things about me on Saturday. I am sooo much more comfortable in a big flowly dress- I can't stand jeans! : ). To each her own. xo m.

  6. Thank you Catherine that is very kind of you!
    It was a pleasure reading those 7 things that you shared with us.
    This week has been a little crazy,I will try and think about my little 7 things now :)
    Have a wonderful weekend xx

  7. Thank you for your comment Catherine, it means a lot to me to read about your own struggles with this choice, it really is a tough one! I would imagine it would tricky for youtto having had experience in the system and seeing what pitfalls there is. I agree that it seems to be harder in its own ways these days, maybe its because we have more choices too? Its not as automaically assumed that your child attend the local school as it may have been in the past. I am sorry that you have had opposition from your family about homeschooling, its hard when you dont have the support for something you feel strongly about. I dont necessarily think a social/extrovert child 'needs' school as there are sooo many groups around but it is one factor that has affected us this last year. Maybe I could have done more on a daily basis, socially, but I guess I was just getting too exhausted and run down.

    I am glad to read about your recent biking experience! I have not had a bike since I rode to school over 10years ago but recently I have been really wanting to buy a bike! I admit I am a bit nervous though lol

  8. Congratulations Catherine and thank you for thinking of me. Your seven things are lovely. Ditto no. 3, good on you for 'getting back on the bike' and wanting to follow missed opportunities with your flute playing x

  9. HI Catherine,
    Lovely to read your 7. Oh you so have to get yourself flute lessons. I always wanted to play guitar, but like you never had the opportunity, I started taking lessons a few years ago. Although I won''t be playing any gigs anytime soon, it's an uplifting practice. Go for it.
    Isn't bike riding the best?!
    Enjoy the rest of the week.


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