Tuesday, March 15

I've been feeling a bit off colour for the last few days worse than I've been in a long time but today I'm feeling a bit more like myself.  My hubby has been home looking after me and the girls which has given me time to rest. It's awful not being able to do the things you normally do but I think that sometimes it's your body's way of telling you to rest, that you've been doing too much.

On the weekend I went to a birthday party to celebrate a friend's 30th birthday.  I know she loves handmade things and pigs so I made a couple of presents for her.  Now I have debated about whether or not to post my crochet efforts because they haven't turned out exactly like the pattern but I know the birthday girl loved it anyway.  I followed the directions for this little pig here and looking at it felt I needed to stuff it more but unfortunately that meant that you could now see some of the stuffing:( In the end I'm not sure what I did wrong but it still is kind of cute:)

I also made a little purse using this pattern,  I put a voucher inside for her to one of her favourite stores. The wooden button was picked up at my favourite store Biome

And since I love to make cards I made this one for her.

I hope all of you are keeping well my friends.  Take care. 

Here's a quote I thought you might like today.
Your friends are priceless.
You are important to them,
and they to you.  Guard this treasure.


  1. hugs Catherine, hope you are feeling better soon.
    be good to yourself & take care.

    Big hugs ♥

  2. Catherine, they are lovley gifts! THe piggy is sooo cute and the purse is something I would definately carry proudly, I also lov the colours and wirintg on the card you made, very elegant. I am glad you have had some rest, I hate that feeling of not being able to do normal day to day stuff when Im sick too. Funny how sometimes we may complain about the day to day chores but its terrible when you cant actually do them! xx

  3. What lovely gifts for your friend Catherine. I'm sorry to hear you haven't been feeling 100% but glad you've had your husband home to take care of you. Hope you are on the mend soon xx

  4. Feel better soon, gorgeous gifts too.I love that heart button, perfect for the little purse.

  5. Gorgeous. I bet your friend loved them all!

    Hope you are feeling better soon. The illness bugs are really making the rounds lately. Take care and rest as much as you can.

  6. You are such a thoughtful friend!Your little pressies look really nice, funny I have the exact same wooden button that I treasure :)
    Hope you are getting better, take care Catherine

  7. your pig is cute! I love the purse and the card is just beautiful!


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