Monday, April 25

It's been a weekend for family and today it was time to spend it at my Mum and Dad's house.  They live a bit of a drive from where we live, in the country and it's been a while since we've visited, too long.  When I lived at home I longed to live in the city the country just wasn't me but now all I want is to move back to the simple life of where I grew up as a teenager.  For now though, I can visit anytime and enjoy the peacefulness that visiting the country brings because they surely won't be moving to the big smoke any time soon. ♡


  1. I have never lived in the country but as I get older I long for the slower, simpler life of living in the country. Charmaine

  2. Lucky you, a country family to escape the city with. I'm visiting my country brother tomorrow, leaving early to catch all 4 of his children in once place (2 at Uni, 2 at boarding school) & can't wait. Then to Sydney & home to Canberra. We're moving out to the country, with 4 teenagers in our very near future, we need space & serenity, thrilled it's actually an option with city private schools. Love Posie

  3. Aren't we funny.. I'm the same, can't wait to get back there! I enjoy my visits so much more, and have to be dragged away when it's time to leave!
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your long weekend.

  4. Hi Catherine I remember our Mum used to almost use moving out of town as a threat against us in our teens. As an adult I think it would potentially be lovely and so see that it may have appealed to her but it was not something I wanted to do at all back then. Lovely photos today :)

  5. Looks like a lovely family weekend. Pianos are a wonderful addition to any home and kid's just love them.

  6. I grew up in the busy city of Dublin in Ireland. During the holidays we would drive to my Grandmothers dairy farm in the country. I loved the quiet and escapism but somehow knew that the city had conveniences I would miss if I left.

    Now as a mother of three kids I see the advantages of being away from the city and we live in a compromise, a small quiet road near a lake but only a short drive to shopping centres and bright lights.

    For now I think the balance is good for us.

  7. Hi again! We are loving our travels thanks.. Canberra was a little while ago, but we loved the war memorial. We are up in north Qld now, and have been so lucky with the weather here, the warmth is heaven!! If you ever want to check out the travel blog, it's
    Have a great week
    Flick xo


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