Sunday, April 24

Today it was the day to spend with family, to celebrate just being together and a birthday.  My nephew turned 8.  There was lots of food, lots of chocolate 
and lots of giggling and 

I hope you enjoyed your Easter today with your family


  1. I'm spotting a few Turkish delight eggs in that box. My kids got some and I'm struggling to persuade them to part with any to me!

    Looks like you had a fun day. Happy birthday to your nephew!

  2. Just being together and a birthday sound like the best reasons for a celebration of all!
    Glad you had such a lovely day Catherine. x

  3. Looks like a fun and relaxing day. Though, I must say...looking at that tub of chocolate is making me feel a little squimish.
    yes, I over did it.

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments. Just popped over to your blog to let you know that I just added my honey jumbles recipe and it is very kid friendly if you need something to do with your girls tomorrow. Love the creativity on your blog- will be following you from now on. I note we both follow a few blogs in common- Foxs lane is my absolute favourite. Mel:)

  5. Sounds such a fun lovely day. What a perfect day to spend a birthday and easter :)

  6. what a picturesque family gathering. Hope the ladies got to sit in lawn chairs and chat maybe even knit!


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