Monday, April 4

 I've been getting itchy feet lately.  Not literally but I've been wanting to explore, to see something new.  It's been a year since we visited Tasmania and we would love to go again but a big trip like that won't be happening for a while, so for now we will explore closer to home.  We drove to some country markets and stopped for a bit of morning tea then stopped again for a little train ride, then we drove some more.

Not sure where to set up our picnic, we drove on to discover a real gem.  It was quiet, probably due to the miserable weather, but with tables, bbq's and swings it was the place for lunch.
Do you like to go exploring in the country? Have you ever not planned where to stop and just driven?  I hope your week is full of wonderful discoveries. xo


  1. we love going for drives, planned and unplanned! we did it when I wasa child and now we do it with our own children, exploring and adventuring and learning through being out and about, so much fun. Its so fun to find new places isnt it!?

  2. How delightful, Catherine. Do let me know if you ever come visiting down here again! J x

  3. We also love to explore it usually starts of planned but if we see a road or path we usually say to the boys "fancy an adventure"

  4. I so get this feeling. We are actually thinking of heading to Tasmania later this year for the first time... but until then, we headed down south on a whim late last year and it was amazing. I wish we'd stayed overnight somewhere but we didn't have anything with us... Where you ended up looked amazing. Where were you? Pruxxx


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