Saturday, April 2


It was housework day, a boring part of life that we have to do but don't really want to so as a little reward for all of us today we headed out for an ice cream at our local park kiosk and then a walk around the Japanese garden. 
There were dragonflies everywhere so I had a little bit of fun taking this close up.
What did you get up to today?  I hope you had a good day. Enjoy your Sunday, I hope it's a fun day. xo


  1. It looks lovely there. Much better than housework! We're off to a Japanese blossom festival tomorrow if it doesn't rain. It's a glorious day today though. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. x

  2. Housework grrrr. What a lovely park to have nearby. I love the dragonfly photo. A friend of mine came over and first footy match of the season for my son today. Enjoy your Sunday Charmaine.

  3. The Japanese Garden looks like a beautiful place to be. I have a whole day to myself today - no hubby or little girl and I've made the most of it by knitting, reading and basicly chillaxin. The bliss of getting to watch what I want on T.V - currently watching P.S. I Love you and having a good old cry.. pass the tissues. Have a great rest of the weekend. Leah x

  4. Oh i would LOVE a massive bush cut into a heart shape, kind of like what those 2 are doing, great idea. Love Posie


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