Monday, April 18

Yesterday my sweet nephew turned one.  After lots of great ideas for boys I settled on some bunting and with the leftover fabric I covered a couple of art canvas's to decorate his room.  He has lots of toys, many we've handed down from the girls and he has an older brother so these presents should last a while before he gets too big.

He managed to stay awake for the cake and singing and then he was off to sleep.

How are your Easter preparations going?  I'm trying not to buy chocolate as a gift so I'm on the look out for craft ideas to make instead. So tomorrow I'll be back with some Easter craft ideas I've found on the net I thought you might like to try too.

Happy Monday


  1. What a cutie your nephew is - that teddy bear cake looks delicious with all that chocolate frosting - yum!! Looking forward to your Easter ideas, I need some inspiration x

  2. Your bunting and canvases are perfect pressies Catherine, i love the fabrics you have chosen. x

  3. I just love bunting in children's rooms. Will look so cute on his wall. Nice assortment of "boy" fabrics

  4. Such lovely gifts!! Love the cupboards behind the bunting too.

    First birthdays are so special. Looks like your nephew had a great day.

    Just a quick question, do you make quilts?

  5. what a lovely gift. I especially love the canvases. Jane x

  6. You clever girl, Catherine. I hope to make bunting one day. And that cake's a winner - I've made it here on Planet Baby ☺. J x

  7. Hi Catherine, what sweet gifts you made for your cute nephew! I love the color and prints one the fabric you used. And thank you for your dear comment on creJJtion!
    Happy easter to you too,
    love Maaike


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