Thursday, May 12

In my creative space

this week I've been a bit quite.  I haven't started on the new blanket project yet but I've decided on the ripple blanket using the pattern over at Attic 24. (The blue is a little less bright more a light denim colour.)
While waiting for school to start I thought I would crochet another dishcloth using the Jan Eaton book called 200 Crochet Blocks,
and my little miss asked for a blanket for her toy puppy so I tried the starburst granny pattern found on the Yvestown blog using just one colour, she's happy and just in time since it was so cold last night.
I hope you are keeping warm today.  If you want to see what we've all been creating this week pop by this new space to see.♥


  1. It's so cold all of a sudden, isn't it? Your post has warmed me up nicely. All those delicious rich, cosy colours must have done it. Thanks Molly! x

  2. Beautifully done in such warn color... Love to have one :)

  3. A crocheted blanket is on my list for next Winter, we are going into Summer here in Florence!

  4. Wow. Crocheting a dish cloth? Does that trulymean you will use it to clean dirty crockery? I'm not sure I could bear the idea of creating something so lovely then using it in that way!

  5. The colours you have chosen for the ripple blanket are lovely. I really enjoy making dishcloths/washcloths - although I have always gifted them... have you used them yourself?
    I like the starburst in one colour - quite lovely really. I'm sure the toy puppy felt quite snuggly under it. :)

  6. Gorgeous colours! Love the crochet!


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