Tuesday, May 3

I've been thinking with this cooler weather about I really want to start crocheting something yummy, and warm for us to sit under. After crocheting up this little baby blanket last year I haven't attempted to start something long term, I prefer quick crafts but love the reward of something that takes time, that you can be proud of all your work. I just don't know what to give a try, what do you think?
This pretty granny blanket,
or maybe this one.
I love the look of a granny stripe blanket and
this ripple blanket in one colour looks effective.

Have you started making things in preparation for the cooler months?  What do you love most about Winter? 


  1. Oh, Catherine, I adore that second one. I haven't crocheted since I was 10 but now want to make one like that! Any idea where I could find the pattern? J x

  2. Hi Catherine, nice work. for a quickie project, what about little crochet flowers that you can wear as winter broches. As the days get cooler, I look forward to digging out the wool. My Nan crocheted me a rug before she died, so it has become even more special. whatever you choose to do will be lovely i'm sure. Jane x

  3. They all look gorgeous. With the winter for us comes a tin of hot chocolate and some marshmallows in the pantry. I don't drink tea and/or coffee while pregnant so I'm really looking forward to the warm drink fix this year.

  4. Love the white one Catherine,
    have fun!

  5. I think if my family depended on me to provide winter warmth through crafting we would die of cold! I admire the hours of work that must go into these larger blankets. I love hot chocolate during the colder months. And warm porridge for breakfast with brown sugar sprinkled on top!

  6. I like the top one - love the colours in it.

    Learning to crochet is on my long list of things to do! Hope it goes well for you :)

  7. I love the second one!! It's the type of thing I hope to attempt one day for Grace's room. I like the idea of a striped throw for a couch.

  8. Really wishing I could crochet right now! Look forward to seeing which one you will decide on. Snuggling under a blanket is one of my favourite parts of winter.

  9. I adore the second's gorgeous!!
    I only learnt to crochet this year but boy am I addicted...I am currently working on a small granny square blanket and loving seeing it come together.


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