Sunday, July 3

Oranges and lemons

We've been slowly getting through the box of citrus I was given the other week by my Dad, mostly we've been enjoying lots of fresh juice in the morning but after some blog inspiration I thought I might try my hand at some preserving.  
I've got the oranges soaking in some water overnight and then tomorrow I can make some marmalade.  The last time I made marmalade was when I was in high school, which was a while ago, so I'm looking forward to trying it again and having something homemade on my toast.  
We still had oranges left and nothing to eat and a visitor coming over tomorrow, the only solution was orange cake.
The oranges have now been eaten, there were still some lemons left, I just had to make some lemon butter.  I've made quite a bit so there will be plenty for us or should I say me because I'm not sure how popular it will be with the girls and some to giveaway.  I also found this recipe which I might give a try to using lemon butter.

Tomorrow my big girl is having a friend come over to hang out with, she's so excited and has got the day all planned and that includes lots of cooking.

I hope you have lots of fun tomorrow


  1. Now I am very impressed Catherine! I just came back from Sandi's house and she kindly gave us some lemons, limes and mandarins :) I just baked a lemon cake and I had the big tick from all here :)Never tried preserve or lemon butter...I will just stick to juicing :)I am so looking forward to planting a lemon tree here...

  2. Oh I just love lemon butter - i use my nan's recipe, which is probably the same as everyone else's hee hee, marmalade is pretty impressive, looks so lovely jarred up. AND you know the origins of the fruits!

  3. Looks like you've found lots of great ways to use those lemons and oranges. I have lemons galore on our tree, am making a lemon yoghurt cake tomorrow morning x

  4. AnonymousJuly 03, 2011

    Hi Catherine, thanks for your lovely comment. You have inspired me to do some interesting cooking with the mountain if mandarins we have here! Your cake looks delish, so that is definitely on the menu!
    Flick xo

  5. Try this delicious Lemon Tart


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