Sunday, August 21


we all went out together to drop me off at the hairdresser I had an appointment after all but when I arrived I was embarrassed to find out that my appointment wasn't today but last week, oops!!  I've been visiting my hairdresser for a while now luckily, so he forgave me and cut my hair anyway.
My poor family  had a bit of a wait so we took a little visit to Chinatown, had a bit of lunch and the girls happily drank their raspberry spiders.
Do you remember having these as a child?  I remember fondly a couple of old ladies that my Mum used to visit to cut their hair who would give my brother and I one, what a yummy treat that was.
While we were close by I couldn't resist a little trip to the Paddington Antique Centre for a little look,  I spied many beautiful treasures.

There's also a yummy chocolate shop beside the antique centre that makes a very delicious dark chocolate milkshake that I had to visit too.

Today it was a slower day spent gardening,
cuddling up with Molly
and working hard on a important project, a sustainable house, which will be on display at school tomorrow.
May you have a happy week


  1. You too, Catherine.
    Have a very nice week.

  2. Oh I wish I was at that antique store to snatch some of those items up!

    Have a lovely week.


  3. My eye is so drawn to those shelves filled with vintage delights...just gorgeous!!

  4. As a hairdresser i must say you wouldn't be the first and she must like you to squeeze you in ha ha...hope you had a great week too.

  5. Lovely post, but where is the photo of your new hairstyle?

  6. Sounds like a productive but also relaxing weekend. I turned up at my hairdresser once apologising for being so early, only to find out I was actually half an hour late :)

  7. The sustainable house looks awesome! My hubby and I love Chinatown but haven't been in the longest time. Hope you are feeling refreshed after your haircut - I love how it has that power! Good to know Montys does a good chocolate milkshake. I took Brian in there (and the antique centre) to get Kevin's Easter gift. Two perfect places NOT to take a toddler!!

  8. So good to see the kids are learning about sustainability at school!

    And those vintage treasures are delectable! is the raspberry spider! xx

  9. Glad you got the loyal client treatment and those raspberry spiders - happy memories :) Hope you are having a lovely week Catherine.

  10. happened to me too.. i went to an appointment a week too early! :) Have a great weekend dear!

  11. The valley and Paddington are two of my favourite places. Always so much to see and do. Looks like a great day.



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