Wednesday, October 26

To keep me on track I make myself a short list the night before in my diary of things to do.  I don't stress about whether I get things done but I find it's a good reminder otherwise I easily forget. On my list of things to get done today was some overdue card making which I managed to get ticked off the list.
The first is for a friend's daughter who turned 11 years old on Monday.  I can remember visiting her in hospital when she was born and soon she'll be a teenager, how does this happen!
And then on the other end of the scale I have a friend who recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl so I couldn't resist making her a pink card;)
A little late I know,  Father's Day was a month ago but I thought I would share the card I made for my dad.  I find it's always good to get as many ideas as you can get when it comes to creating for men.

Only 5 more days of blogtober, I'm almost there.

Have a great Thursday


  1. Your cards a just lovely the baby one is very special. Have a wonderful day my friend.

    Always Wendy

  2. Keep the photos of your cards going. I love them and it is so good to get motivated by a friends ideas even if my cards end up looking a million miles away from them!


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