Tuesday, October 25


I enjoyed seeing my first peony bloom, bought from my friend's flower shop.
I received a baby shower invitation.  I've been busy making a few gifts for her I can't wait to give. 
One clean and pretty smelling dog, much nicer than earlier in the day.
Some Japanese homework.  I love seeing her artwork and the learning what's going on at school.
And to finish the day a visit to the dentist, we all got the tick of approval, no fillings!!
Did you have a good day? I hope you did

 I'm so sorry for not visiting lately, I hope to be around very soon.  Thank you for always stopping by and making my day with your kind words. x


  1. Oh our peonies are just bursting to bloom - - I can't wait.
    I was expecting a manga girl with the Japanese homework - very neat characters there.

  2. Konichiwa, Catherine :)

    There's nothing like seeing that tight round bud unfold with all it's glorious soft peonies!

    Your pooch is looking rather pristine - ours are desperate for a wash!

    And no need to apologize for the non-visits...visiting everyone is sooo time consuming. I struggle so much with the guilt. It's so hard to find the time to visit everyone, every day. You do an amazing job, I feel like you are a constant, loyal visitor and I appreciate it so much :)

    Sayonara! x

  3. Yay peonies have arrived, just in time for my wedding anniversary! And don't stress about the commenting, you do way more than most. melx

  4. Owh I miss Japanese. I'm trying to find a local school that includes it in their LOTE curriculum for Brian.

    Make sure you show us the baby shower gifts. = )

  5. Enjoy your baby shower.
    We wobbled and wavered about whether to choose Japanese or French for my little girl who starts High School next year. She put Japanese as first choice but halfway to the school meeting last night scratched it out and put French!
    We will have to wait and see...

  6. Oh I love baby showers staged 5 of my own but always up for more they are such fun. Peony flower how I’d love to have you in my garden they are just divine. You’re dog is so cute.
    Enjoy your day my friend.
    Always Wendy


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