Wednesday, December 7

So the quilt sewing has been slow here at the moment, the first row is complete and the batting has been bought which is something.

There was an end of year concert that needed some prop making done asap so last night I was busy crafting a bbq.  This morning it was the Christmas concert for the lower grades and Miss 7 sang an Aussie Christmas carol while proudly adorning her new handmade bbq.  The bbq was a combined effort from both of us with only a few compromises needed. She made the sausages with sauce of course and I ended up painting the grill, the sticking and gluing. We both had a lot of fun making it together.

I hope we get to celebrate Christmas the Aussie way this year with glorious sunshine, at the moment it's pouring with rain and feels a bit more like winter than summer.

I hope your day is going well


  1. What a fantastic costume the two of you created!! Very inventive :) Your quilt row looks lovely - beautiful fabrics. Brings back memories of Grace's quilt - I can't wait to see yours progress. we've had wintery weather here too, was 37 degrees several days last week and then yesterday it bucketed all day and the thundering and lightning continued pretty much all day too x

  2. This drab wintery weather is very strange, isn't it? Though as someone who's not used to festivities in the southern hemisphere, it's feeling rather more Christmassy for me!

  3. Dwfintely feels like we could be in Europe. It was 11 degrees here this am.

    I absolutely love your xmas tags.

    Snap! I have started a quilt too. My first time. So keen to see how you do yours.

    Much love

  4. You crafted a bbq??!!
    You are amazing!!

  5. Oh Catherine you have been so busy , your christmas gifts are going to be super handmade goodness. I am so behind I doubt I will manage many handmade gifts.

  6. That quilt is going to be beautiful, keep going, look forward to seeing it finished (you don't want to know how many unfinished quilts I have around the place)

  7. how great are your props!? Looking forward to seeing your quilt come together

  8. You are amazing your making a quilt can't wait to see it when your finished sounds wonderful. What a great bbq prop you are all so talented I love that, always something wonderful to see whaen I visit you my friend. Hope you have a lovely day.

    Always Wendy


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