Friday, December 9

Last Day

Today I'm filled with a bundle of emotions.  It will be last day of year 2 for Miss 7.  She has had a good year this year with two wonderful teachers who have always been organised and full of enthusiasm all year.  Her friendships have been up and down but in the last term has developed a friendship with a sweet little girl who came over from New Zealand after the earthquakes. She is lovely and the two of them enjoy playing with each other and she has been happy to go to school. So these things fill me with happiness but there is a tinge of sadness, it will be her last year at the school.  Like I said this year has been a good one but last year wasn't and I think if it wasn't for two fantastic teachers then I probably would have left earlier.  The school has changed over the last couple of years and so we have decided it would be better for Miss 7 to join her sister at her school.  It was a big decision for us because we've been going to this school for 8 years now and going to a new system which I'm not as familiar with is a little scary but I think it's for the best. It's the end of an era, but the start of a new one with lots to learn.  So today is also my last day as well, it's hard sometimes to move on isn't it?

Have a wonderful Friday my friends and thanks for listening


  1. Change is often bitter sweet. Enjoy this last day, relish the break and wishing you and your girls a marvelous 2012 filled with lots of learning and friendships.

  2. finding the right place to school our children is such a journey. i can so relate to this. hope there is lovely ground where she lands her feet. x

  3. You will be missed!!

    I too have become a little disspointed with the school and am considering other options also.

    Take care xo

  4. Yes, moving on is a bit hard, but as you have seen, sometimes necessary. It is tough being a parent sometimes, making hard choices for our children. Good luck with the new school. What is the new system?

  5. School is such an emotional time isn't it for all the family - it is amazing how much sleep you can lose trying to nut out problems. Our Angus has 2 weeks left of primary school and cannot wait to leave it as the primary school experience has been just dreadful for him. I pray high school will be a better experience.
    Martha is finishing grade 2 as well and i worry about friends as all her friends are in grade 1 (we has composite classes) - so how will grade 3 be I wonder...
    i guess we just have to have a little more faith in them and their resilience!

  6. I can imagine how hard these decisions will be. Sounds like you are making then right decision for all of your family.

    Have a beautiful christmas and best wishes

  7. Change is often hard - particularly when it comes on the back of disappointment or being let down.
    Here's hoping that next year is bright for both of you.

  8. Yes change is hard, but when it's the right decision it's easier. No one ever told us how hard schooling decisions for are children are!

  9. I don't deal with change well either, although it often turns out to be for the best which it sounds like is the case for your family. I'm sure Miss 7 will thrive at her new school, meet some lovely new friends and be a lot happier :) I understand how you must have mixed emotions though after being a part of that school community for so many years xx

  10. we so want to protect our little ones, nurture and allow them to grow unhindered, sometimes the gut instinct is right and has to cause temporary pain with longterm gain. Well done for making a stand for your daughters future.


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