Monday, January 23


It was our last weekend of hanging out, first day back today
The little one came with me on a search for vintage sheets, we went home with a pretty pyrex dish, another doily and a little white milk glass vase.
No trip in town is without a bite of something yummy, so we shared this bit of deliciousness together.
 Proofing our garden from unwanted pests, neighbourhood cats, just some netting to left to buy
A trip to the library for inspiration, the menu planning starts up again
Cooking for lunch, this and this.
I hope your weekend was a happy one


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend to end the holidays with Catherine. That slice sounds so yummy, I will have to try and make it this week myself (am slowly getting back into cooking and baking again now things are a tad easier with Sophie). I hope your girls have a good first day back at school. Love your new pyrex dish. My Mum and mother-in-law like looking at op-shops too and I've told to look out for some pyrex bowls for me. I like the colour of yours. I'm a huge library fan too and always come away with a big pile of books with ideas of things to try and make. Hope you've had a lovely Monday x

  2. Your vegie patch is looking really good Catherine...I'm thinking that is what i am going to need to do to ours to keep the unwanted marauders out!
    Love the pyrex dish...haven't seen that colour for awhile...takes me back to childhood casseroles!
    'Day to day cookery' i remember following in home ec at school..great book with basic recipes!
    Your pics tell a lovely story of the weekend...i was so hoping to get some op shopping done too but didn't make it!

  3. Oooh what lovely oppy finds the pyrex dish is gorgeous! Sorry i missed your giveaway , been away these last couple of weeks.... Enjoy getting back into the routine, one week left to go here : )


  4. Nothing better than a bit of op shopping. I look forward to it each week xx

  5. Oooh nice Catherine :) You have so much choice when it comes to great op shopping down your way! Your veggies are going to be amazing!!!! Hope little ladies (not so little)had a great first day!
    Sandrine xx

  6. love this post full of so much sweetness my friend. Enjoy your week.

    Always Wendy

  7. Pyrex and milk glass in one hit! i have the same milk glass vase and it is perfect for the tiny posies my kids are constantly picking for me. melx

  8. I love your pyrex and milk glass find. the thrifting fairies must have been in with you. We are enjoying the "We Love Food" cookbook ourselves at the moment - QBD had it on clearance for about $8:)

  9. Gorgeous pyrex..a great colour and I love your milkglass as well. Although I don't always comment on your blog, I really enjoy reading it Catherine. It's a lovely little space full of beauty.

  10. ok i couldn't read your post because my eyes were blinded with jealousy! That blue pyrex!!!!!! It would be so good in my collection!

  11. Lovely op shop finds.......maybe sheets next time.
    Some special time with the youngest sounds lovely too, i really miss those times with my daughters they grow up so quick....
    I also have We Love Cooking and this week made the Zucchini Pickles and Barb's Plum Relish both delish!!!

  12. catherine, these are such lovely photos from your weekend. i am playing blog catch up. i hope your little girl has settled in ok at school and found a friend. enjoy your day. xo

  13. that pyrex is absolutely gorgeous! pyrex and milk glass are two things i can never seem to find at the op shops... lucky girl!

    looks like a lovely day xx

    p.s - vegie patch looks awesome!


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