Tuesday, March 20


I was asked a while ago to make a friendship bracelet, it's been ages since I've made one, then it got me remembering the hours I used to spend creating a rainbow of coloured bracelets using cottons my grandmother gave me.
Then there was the phase of friendship pins too, do you remember them?  I still have mine, one of the few things I remembered to keep of my childhood.  One thing I do wish I kept were the letters we wrote to each other in high school that I had sitting in an old biscuit tin, sadly when I 'grew up' I got rid of them I still regret doing that.
It's funny how when you sit and remember these times they seem not so long ago and you feel young again, on the outside not so much as I discovered yesterday.  Miss 8 borrowed a book on Tatting for me from the library on the weekend, very sweet and thoughtful of her she knows how much I love craft.  Apparently she discovered the book in the section where all the 'old ladies' were!  I'm seriously not old, I've still go a few years to go before I have a milestone birthday but it's a matter of perspective isn't it,  I still feel young on the inside.  It was lucky for me I had Miss 12 come to my rescue, she told her sister that Mum isn't that old, I'm sure I'll feel it soon enough though when she becomes a teenager.  Then the reminiscing will start all over again.


  1. I think it is utterly lovely that you still have your friendship pins. I hope they come back in a big way! x

  2. Wow, this brought back memories. Thank you!

  3. Wow! It's so great that you still have your friendship pins! This post brought back memories of my collection - I loved them. We wore them on our watch bands, and crammed as many as we could fit on there. I loved the bracelets too - so cool - I'm going to make one again too!

  4. wow! i can remember having A LOT of those friendship pins. i can also, however, remember thinking that 30 year olds were old when i was little. now, being 32, not so much! 80 is now considered old!! i would hope that my 12 year old would say that i'm not that old as well...i'm with you though, i think i might feel *very* old when she becomes a teenager...ahem ;)

  5. I remember friendship pins. We used to wear them on the bands of our watches. Maybe I should get Goose onto making some. She doesn't have the patience for friendship bands. She could start up the craze again. Although she doesn't wear a watch....

  6. I kept my letters and also my old diaries which were decorated by all my friends in various classes. There are little notes, letters, "AB loves CD" etc. It's so funny to look back on.

    I didn't keep much else. I DO remember thinking my aunty was very old when she got married at 31! Now I realise 31 is still YOUNG!

  7. How lovely you kept all those mementoes - I remember the friendship bracelet phase too. I never made any though.

    When I told Grace I was 30 on my birthday, she said "that's a big number" :)


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