Monday, March 19

This weekend

we started eating porridge for breakfast, sprinkled with rapadura sugar and milk
reading and dreaming of the country
a helper in the kitchen while the big girl was out
we made this chocolate cake and added our own frosting, check out the other yummy and healthy recipes they have
it rained again
meet our budgies, Sky and Squawky
finished jammies
and Molly enjoying playing with a balloon, it was quite funny to watch her hitting the balloon in the air.

How was your weekend?


  1. I love porridge! Don't have it enough though - I don't like cleaning the pan afterwards! It's raining here too. I'm hoping it's april showers come early. Have a good week Catherine xxx

  2. it looks delicious catherine! our slinky is a balloon lover too. we buy packs and blow them up for him. the things we do. xo.

  3. Your weekend sounds delightful. I love the photo of the rain drops on the wood. Ahh rain, how I wish you would come and visit me!

    My weekend was lovely too, we had our housewarming party so there was a bbq and lots of friends.

  4. Am pretty envious of your rain!
    Sounds like a delightful way to spend the weekend Catherine :)

  5. We had the rain here too! That choc cake frosting looks great....i never seem to be able to get frosting right!
    What gorgeous little pj''ve inspired me to get that winter material out!!

  6. Your weekend sounds lovely and relaxing,do you hear the rain on the roof?........
    i love looking through Country Style too..........Iv'e had a very busy weekend helping hubby with the RENO.........I'm getting so excited i may have a kitchen soon!!

  7. what a lovely weekend..good for you! That was the first time i ever saw porridge!

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog Catherine. I love your photos and your blog looks great too. Have a lovely week. xxoo

  9. Great photos. I really love that last one, looks like that cutie had a lot of fun.

  10. I wish some of that rain would find it's way here to Perth!! That photo of Molly is hilarious!! :)

  11. Looks like a perfect weekend! I love porridge with brown sugar in the mornings, so yummy and warming which we definitely need down here now! Good job with the pj's and that cake looks delish :)


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