Sunday, April 1


I'm not one to blog normally on the weekend but I like to blog on the first day of the month, and another month it is, already!  The girls are busy playing with the neighbours outside and hubby is off at the tip so I've found a nice breezy spot to sit and write.  Last night I was sitting in bed and wrote out my daily list of things I wanted to accomplish and felt inspired to set some goals of things I want to achieve this month. The year already seems to have moved by fast and I thought some direction might mean that I get a few more things done on my yearly goal list.  Here are some goals for the month of April:
∗ crochet some more of the rug and have 20 rows completed (to have ready for Winter)
∗ finish the book 'Down to Earth'
∗ bake bread once a week (source bulk flour)
∗ explore one new place
∗ limit my computer time to 2 hours per day
∗ make one thing for the house
Fat Slim Mum has a photo a day challenge and although I probably won't join I thought I'd use it as inspiration today.  I'd much rather be behind the camera but here's a photo of me, I really need to organise that hairdressing appointment it's been too long.

I hope your Sunday has been an enjoyable one


  1. Lovely post and lovely photo of you! I agree that lists and goals really help get things done!

  2. you look lovely! I like your goal list, especially the making bread, how delicious! I was going to join the april challenge too, but I'm afraid I won't see it through, and there's another unfinished project..

  3. Hey pretty lady! Lovely to see you. Is it April already.....yikes! Hope you're having (or had) a lovely weekend x

  4. Hello Gorgeous It's so lovely to see your pretty face! We've started making bread, too. It's the best! J x

  5. great idea. i am so much more motivated when i have things written down! looking forward to seeing the progress on this list :) Kel x

  6. A list of monthly goals is a great idea.....think I'm going to have a go at that. Enjoy your week :

  7. aaaah, what a good idea. I might try that. I'm at least starting to organise our meals for the week and it does make shopping much easier, especially when I schedule takeaway once a fortnight!! Jx

  8. I like your idea to set some new goals, I think I must learn from you today!
    Oh and... I can fill your "discover a new place" by inviting you here next week Catherine :) A big Welcome to the Nikon addict club...I can not read the you got my curiosity going!! :)lol
    Happy week, I hope you are enjoying some times with the girls xx

  9. What a lovely photo of you! I was only thinking last night that I should make a list of goals for the month. My 'to do' lists each day/week seem to get less and less crossed off them these days and yet I have 100's of things floating around in my head that I want to do and try :)


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