Wednesday, August 8

My first born is growing up, she's almost as tall as I am, could almost be but I avoid the height comparison that my 6 foot 2 hubby finds amusing. (he will always be the tallest)  But really there is no denying that she will continue to grow and yes will be much taller than me and very soon she will be my first teenager.  Last night we got to enjoy her acting, a fun team activity with school houses competing against one another, she loves to get up on stage, an artistic type my girl is.
With her birthday not too far away there has been the odd bit of party planning going on here.  After a bit of chatting she decided on a high tea party with just five of her closest friends.  I found this great invitation on the internet, got the tick of approval and made them today ready to hand out tomorrow.  
We've got a few ideas when it comes to food, cupcakes, macaroons, scones and cream as well as the traditional cucumber sandwich but what games to play?  When they become older it's hard to know what is going to be fun and what might seem a bit, well, young. We thought that maybe the chocolate eating game would be fun for teenage girls and that's as far as we've got with the party game ideas.  Do you have any suggestions for games for a teenage girls birthday party?  I would love to hear any ideas you have.

Hoping your Wednesday is a wonderful one♥


  1. Does it ever get easier knowing they are growing up?

    It would be fun to have some tea party games. Maybe you could have some different loose leaf teas and they could blend their own. Lots of ideas at T2 tea. Trivia is fun too. And remember all the things on the plate.

    Like the croquet and Clean Cup games on this link:

  2. Can't believe your big girl will soon be a teenager! I can tell from your posts what a lovely natured, sensible, caring young lady she is. Your invites look fantastic! I'm interested in all your high details as I've decided to go with a high tea theme for my annual Pink Ribbon Fundraiser this year. As for games, it's such a tricky age to thing of them for isn't it? There's a place in Fremantle called The Flying Teapot that does tea parties for birthday parties - but I checked out their website and they don't go into great detail about the party games unfortunately. I'll keep thinking...

  3. The invites look fabulous and I love the sound of a high tea party. Not sure about the games though, you might even find that they will just be happy chatting to each other! xx

  4. It's nice that she has decided on a lovely tea party with close friends. Sounds like my kind of party. I don't have any experience with teenage girls but I'm sure crafting would go down well along with whatever games you decide on. Have a great evening. Tammy

  5. Lovely sunset photo....
    The birthday invitations look wonderful, a high tea party sounds very grown up and a good excuse to bake some really yummy foods!

  6. Oh such exciting times in your house.....a teenager! Those invites are fantastic. Well done :)
    As for games, perhaps creating their own tea bags to take home, perhaps designing their own tea towel or apron, (using fabric pens/paints). Whatever you decide, I know they'll love it and feel very special. High tea is good for that.
    p.s thanks you soooo much for the fabulous book. It arrived today and I'm in heaven. Feeling very spoilt :)

  7. Tricky but lovely age...we have one in our house and it is hard to judge sometimes what is cool or not. The invitations are so sweet...great theme for a party.

  8. Oh, a tea party sounds like so much fun! Such pretty invitations.

    As for games ... good ole charades is a lot of fun, especially considering she is quite the actress... :)

  9. Those invitations are gorgeous! I will have to keep these in mind for my next party. Too cute!

  10. The invites look beautiful Catherine, party games do get harder as they get older! Girls also love crafty things, making jewellery ... Have fun!!

  11. Oh I remember at 13 a big hit for us was truth or dare but you may not want to encourage that one haha ;)
    Your invites are gorgeous


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