Monday, September 24

This Weekend

With the sun shining in the sky we headed out on Saturday for a spot of exploring, not quite a nature walk but a new park with lots of walks that meandered through native plants and trees giving me lots of photo opportunities. It was a perfect spot to take photos for the photographic competition I'm entering which our council is running at the moment. I'm crossing my fingers, it would be fantastic to win a category, if I do I've already promised the family that a round of milkshakes will be my shout.  I will let you know how I go, wish me luck!

Sunday was spent at home, cooking with the little one, Monte Carlos not sure we made enough though because half of them are already gone isn't that always the way with cooking.  There was more spring cleaning, washing shower curtains, doona covers and airing out doonas, it was another beautiful day for getting things dry.  And then with my enthusiasm I decided it was time to get rid of some of those UFOs that have been hanging around.  I have had this fabric for quite some time waiting for me to make myself a bag and today I finally got around to making it.  To add a little interest to the linen side I attached the crochet brooch I made last month.  There was one other little project I finished last night I'll show you tomorrow I just didn't get a chance to photograph in the daylight.  I am pleased to say that there is just one project now left waiting for me to finish, you know the one, that crochet blanket.  I know I will get it finished one day but with it heating up I can't imagine I will be doing much work on it for a while.  So the next project/s will be all about Christmas, if I start now I might even be ready and not rushing.

How was your weekend?  Did you go on any adventures?  
Wishing you a beautiful Monday.
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  1. It's a good feeling getting those projects finished, I hope to do a bit of that while the boys are on school holidays. Love your little pirate below! x

  2. Your weekend seems to have been productive and relaxing at the same time. Lovely scenes of your activities and hope you do well in the photo comp.

  3. Hi Catherine, I'm a relative new follower but I'm enjoying your Blog so much, especially seeing all of your clever creations. Our kids are back to school down here so the weekend was very similar to yours - spring cleaning, but of knitting plus getting ready for school. Good luck with the photography competition! Mel x

  4. I am sure that you will win a category in that competition, just photograph from your heart. That should be no problem for you :).

    It looks like a great weekend, I love that bag. I am also starting to think about Christmas over here, we are planning to visit our family in South Africa during that time.

  5. Best of luck in the comp... I love the hill of flowers shot.
    We managed to get out for a trip to the bike park but other than that the weather defeated us an we huddled with games and movies.
    Love that bag - the side with the brooch is beautiful

  6. Love your sunshine photos I am sure you will do fantastic in the phoot competition......
    Thanks for the tip off with the bag ...I think it is now on my to do holiday list...something for myself.

    Have a super lovely week. x

  7. Well done on getting some of UFO's finished, it is such a nice feeling and good luck with the photography competition, I am sure that you will do well. xx

  8. I'm trying to finish up my knitting projects and then I will be thinking about Christmas projects too. Can't wait to see what you have planned.

    We made cupcakes on the weekend and they are all gone already. Next time I am going to make a double batch and freeze some! Good luck with the photography! Sounds like a great excuse to get snapping.

    Hope you're having a nice day. It looks like we might get a thunderstorm here today. How is it over your way?


  9. It's great that you've finished off that lovely bag just in time for the warmer weather..tis gorgeous. Yummy monte carlos there too!

  10. Beautiful pics! Good luck with the photography comp...i think you're in with a great chance!

  11. Looks like you had a great weekend Catherine. Good luck on the photography competition.
    I really love the bag you made, it will be perfect during the summer months to take out and about.
    Gosh Christmas hasn't even been given a thought here.

  12. Oh those pictures are beautiful! You're a shoo in!! Home made Monte Carlos are just heavenly. WIshing you a lovely week :) x

  13. Well if the photos in this post are any indication of what you've entered in the competition, then I think you are a winner already. :) All of your photos in are so big and beautiful! The walking area looks and sounds like a fabulous place to be. Have a lovely week. Tammy

  14. Yummy...monte carlos :)
    Your weekends always sound so soothing and productive Catherine.

    I treated myself to a facial at a fancy day spa on the weekend. And Sunday was spent cooking: museli, pizza and shepherds pie.


    PS. I love that bag (and the fabric) and I'm so impressed that you just whipped that up over the weekend. I am new to sewing so I'm wondering if I will get faster as time goes by. I seem to be spending ages on Skyes birthday dress!

  15. gorgeous bag, the bird print is lovely!

  16. Yummy biscuits!! I'm so happy you're entering that photographic competition as your shots are so lovely and I'm always admiring the ones you share here :)

    Your spring cleaning sounds like it's really coming along - mine is happening very slowly and will probably extend into summer :)


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