Wednesday, October 3


The other day I was reading a post where Rhonda was talking about routines and re-establishing her own.  I am a very routine person, I love to write notes and I function better with a mental schedule of sorts I think if I didn't have one I'm sure I would forget what I had and hadn't achieved.  In saying that I feel that since Miss 8 started school what I achieve in my day seems less, I feel that I should be able to achieve more than I do, that I need to be strict with myself and the time I spend on different areas of my life. It frustrates me at the end of the day knowing that I have lost precious hours and not really have as much to show for it as I would like.  I have sat down before many a time and tried to write down a daily routine for myself but I find it difficult to stick to, but there are things that I really want to change. At the moment I'm even finding that I'm struggling with my yearly goals which I'm disappointed about so something needs to change. The other night I decided to give writing my routine another try.  I think the Spring air has been a motivator, reading the book 'Happiness Project' as well has spurred me on to realising that I need to focus on certain aspects of my life/routine.  This time I decided rather than a daily routine I would break it up under headings like Garden, Christmas, Internet/Computer Rules, Daily Routines, Christmas, Cooking, Animals, Friends and Me.  In each area I have jotted down points that help me to focus my attention on aspects that I feel need to be addressed, things that I really want to achieve, things that may have been let go by the wayside.  I've been thinking to help ensure that I am successful that I make these visible, that I print them up and put them somewhere I will see them everyday.  I am really keen to bring about some positive change to my life, not that things aren't good I just want them to be better as this year has been a bit of an emotional one for me.  Do you find it difficult to be strict with yourself, to really focus on your goals?  Do you have any tips you find helpful that keeps you focused?  I would love to hear.


  1. It is so easy to be distracted from the very things that are foundational for personal growth. Thanks for making me think about these again and realise how important they are to my well being and the development of my life.

  2. The best thing I have learnt and continue to learn is that routines need to grow and change as you do. They need to be flexible and slowly move in the way you want them to. And remember at times like Christmas our to do lists are so long that it's easy to get overwhelmed. I've been thinking that breaking things down by month would be good to. A blog post at the beginning of the month outlining goals, etc. See Ali Edwards Summer Manifesto - it's really inspiring.

  3. 'The Happiness Project' is a book that has been on my 'to read' list for a few weeks actually... am still yet to buy it though. Are you enjoying it? I'm also keen to get the follow up book too.

    For me, I went through a phase a while back where I felt like I was achieving nothing on my 'to do list' and so I began having a weekly focus for myself so I would stop flitting from project to project and would focus spare time on that particular area. At the moment, this is working for me.

    My to-do lists these days are shorter and more achievable :)

  4. Every weekend I say I am gonna start on Sunday with a cleaning routine so that I can keep up with household chores. Every Sunday comes, I do my best, then Monday comes and it all goes down the drain. I just can't stick to a schedule. I really want to. But then again, does my house really need to be so clean? Only when folks call unexpectedly and want to drop by. That's when I wish I had stuck to the schedule. Ha!

    I had plans to do September teacher gifts with crocheted apples and such. I never did and now it's October and time to think about Halloween.

    I'm always behind. :)

    Best wishes to you, Tammy

  5. P.S. I started The Happiness Project a few years ago but it wasn't really what I thought it would be so I never finished it. Maybe I should pick it back up again. :)

  6. P.S.S. I made your chocolate slice again this past week and it was a very big hit at school! :)

  7. I have to say that you sound exactly like me! I love writing those kinds of lists and routines down and feel a sense of achievement when things are ticked off. But you certainly need to be flexible. Brooke is onto something - those routines and lists change as you change.
    I have a weekly cleaning routine and a seasonal routine too. I generally stick to it but I'm flexible when I see opportunities as they come up.
    In the past when there I've had a big to-do list I've created a master list and then break things down to smaller lists. It takes away the burn-out factor!!

  8. Me again :)
    I feel exactly the same, my littlest went to school this year, and I dont feel like I am getting as much done as I did when the boys were home. I try to do a tidy up and house work jobs and prepare dinner in the mornings, then after lunch, it's my time till school pick up. Thats the plan anyway, does not always happen. I need a routine and lists - definately

  9. Lovely post Catherine, I am a routine person too and especially try hard at the beginning of the year to set a good routine! I tend to have columns in my diary each week, one for work, one for home and one for church. The weeks I write to-dos in each column tends to be the weeks I get more done! I have tried a little bit of Fly Lady ideas too but find them hard to maintain!!


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