Wednesday, December 26

Our Christmas 2012

Early a.m. (1am) present opening session under the cover of darkness, sister secrecy......
Later a.m. present opening with all of the family, lots of handmade goodies to unwrap made with love and care
A trip to the country, a quiet family lunch
A day of cute nephews, father and son sitting and chatting
Sweet niece cuddles and curling little toes
Rides around the paddock with Grandma
Homemade punch, rum balls, fruit mince tarts, pudding, salads and cold meat
Conversation, fun times, memories, so much to be grateful for.
I hope you enjoyed your Christmas Day.


  1. Sounds wonderful Catherine and just as Christmas should be - fun filled and spent with loved ones x

  2. Ha! I love that third picture -- those bright yellow costumes. And baby toes -- I LOVE baby toes. Looks like you are having lovely weather. We've had rain and more rain and gray skies for days. Have a great rest of the week, Tammy

  3. hiya, what a great Christmas day you had , thankyou so much for sharing it with us all,It rained here also so no outdoor, sunshining pictures

  4. I had a good Christmas too, quiet and without the usual family's tensions ( left all of this back in Florence).
    May you have serene festive days too.

  5. Happy Christmas Catherine! It looks like you have a had a wonderful time. Looking forward to lots more inspiration here on your blog in 2013! Keep those card ideas coming too...!

  6. Your Christmas day looks lovely Catherine, wishing you a wonderful 2013! Wendy xx

  7. A beautiful family centred Australian Christmas!

  8. oh we had baby toes at Christmas too Catherine. Beautiful shots. Looks like a wonderful Christmas.

  9. It looks like a wonderful Christmas. I love the 1 am present opening! Mine was beautiful. I love this time of year, I find it so transformational.

  10. Looks like a wonderful Christmas, Catherine. Happy New Year! x

  11. Oh, what a lovely Christmas you had! I love the sister secrecy present opening. I grew up with two sisters and we always did little things like that... it was our little secret. ;)


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