Tuesday, January 22


I know that Christmas has been and gone for another year but I took a few snaps in the week leading up to Christmas I thought I would share, the camera has been a little quiet in these parts this week.
1. Sweet little slippers I made for my niece.
2. Handmade snow globes created by Miss 8 for Santa.
3. Games of battleship with Dad.
4. Cushions created for my nephews to go along with the tent I made.
5. Christmas gifts from blogging friends.
6. The most thoughtful and kind blogger sending gifts just because.
7. Sparkles for snow globes.
8. Some homemade fruit mince pies.

I hope your Tuesday has been a terrific one.


  1. Eep! What a lovely pair of slippers! I wish I knew how to make anything even remotely close to that, I've been trying to come up with a few crafty ideas before little bub is here! ;) xx

  2. What a delightful assortment of randomness Catherine. Those slippers are super sweet as are the cushions and I could well do sampling one of your delicious looking mince pies.

  3. Your slippers are gorgeous and I have 2 nephews who would get very excited by those cushions :-)

  4. What a lovely selection of images Catherine, it doesn't matter that Christmas is over, all these shots are so pretty and inspiring. Those slippers are adorable! x

  5. Lovely gifts. The snow globe is so cute. Best wishes, Tammy

  6. Gorgeous photos Catherine. xxoo

  7. Beautiful photos. The fruit mince pies look delicious and that glitter, I love it. Have a happy week x

  8. It's always lovely to see little glimpses of your home
    Cute cards!!!
    I keep meaning to blog again but just can't find the time...tomorrow?

  9. i JUST made those booties! meet me at mike's right? can i ask you a question... did you find the elastic on the front piece of the shoe totally redundant? i'm also wondering how i can try to hide the unfinished seams on the inside. x

  10. Those fruit mince pies look so delicious. Happy Australia Day, Catherine!

  11. I love your photos, everything looks beautiful!! Hugs Wendy

  12. Such beautiful snippets! I can just imagine the care you took to make those fruit mince pies. I bet you could taste the love. And you are most welcome lovely! Wishing you beautiful days :) x

  13. Your little snippets made me smile! Especially the pink slippers - so simple & sweet :)


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