Wednesday, February 12


 It's almost Valentines Day and I haven't even made a card for my hubby.  We don't tend to do too much more than that these days.
 A posy of crepe myrtle Miss 10 picked and gave to me after school.
 Washing day today so I made up a batch of this washing powder.
It was a rainbow dinner tonight.

Have you got any good vegetarian dinner dishes you'd like to share? I'm running out of ideas lately.
Have a lovely Thursday.


  1. Hi Catherine, those veggies look absolutely delicious. I'm not terribly inventive with the vegetarian dishes but Risottos usually go down very well here - mushroom or roasted sweet potato, spinach and fetta are favourites. How are the newest additions faring? Hope you are all getting on ok, you've been in my thoughts..... Much love, Mel xxx

  2. Those veggies do look guys like zucchini slice.
    No valentines stuff for us either...busy running kids around on a Friday night. Have a great end of your week. Xxx

  3. Your dinner does look beautiful and seeing your crepe myrtle picked makes me realise I should pick some of mine! I am making chocolate mousse for a special Valentine's day dessert, hugs Wendy xx

  4. i use the moosewood cookbook as a bible for veggie recipes. have you seen it? hope you are well catherine, haven't seen you around lately. x ashley

  5. Those veggies look fantastic
    Veggie vietnamese rice paper rolls - or risottos - work a treat here too
    Thinking of you

  6. Beautiful photos! I love your calendar. Where is it from? xxoo


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