Tuesday, March 18


A list of jobs to do tomorrow written and ready to achieve, that's the plan anyway.
Make bread for dinner, go to the organic shop, organised Easter treats for the class,
sew, crochet my shawl (yes I am still going but oh so close to finishing it) and most importantly Mum's coming over for dinner.

Are you a list maker too?


  1. Yes I love lists...enjoy the rest of your week and all the things left on your list to do. xxx

  2. I make lists at work; otherwise, I forget what needs to be done. And make shopping lists. On my to-do list today was making the cocoa coconut cookies. I didn't have the exact ingredients so used what I had and they turned out just fine, though my 15 year old doesn't think so because they aren't sweet enough. I just had a few with some pistachio vanilla nut milk. Yum! Have a terrific Thursday! Tammy

  3. I couldn't live without lists! The best bit is ticking them off after you've done them :)


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