Sunday, March 23


My morning ritual.  Porridge, oats soaked the night before, eaten with maple syrup, cinnamon and raw milk.
 I've been working a little on the shawl.  I'm up to the picot stitch with only half the border left to go.
We have just 2 weeks left of school so I've bought these little eggs to fill with just a few treats to hand out at school.
 These two did a fun run together this afternoon, I'm very proud of them both.
It was an emotionally hard day today going through my father's clothes, it was just too hard for Mum.....I came home with this vintage treasure of Dad's, the Kodak camera on the right.  And my Nan gave me my Pop's old camera as he no longer uses it.  I have quite a few cameras now, plenty I would say.

Ahh it's Monday tomorrow again already.  May your Monday be a lovely one.


  1. The shawl looks so cosy and soft - what a beautiful thing you are creating.
    Love your cameras - such treasures

  2. What a beautiful shawl. I'm so sorry you've been left the hard task of going through your Dad's clothes. One of the hardest things to do... xx

  3. Lovely photos of your life and family. It is a difficult time going through a loved ones things but it is also very special being able to have some of their things to keep. I love having some of my mum's things with me, probably my favourite is her engagement ring which I wear all the time :) Hugs Wendy xx

  4. oh Catherine. that's a tough job, I know only too well. Good on 'the runners' too! Jx


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