Saturday, April 26


(A lovely photo by my hubby, kind of.  I am not the most photographic preferring to be behind the camera but glad to have a photo of myself for my girls just the same. )
 Over the holidays we all really wanted to go to the beach but just ended up running out of time you know how things go holidays take ages to arrive and then disappear too fast.  This weekend though we made the long drive down the coast to Palm Beach to get the sand between our toes, the wind in our hair and for just my hubby and Miss 10 a swim.  There was then a bit more exploring down the road to a beach with a rock called Elephant Rock which was fun to explore.  We were even given some entertainment while we were there too, a surfing competition.  I wouldn't choose to go to one but when you happen upon one it's always good to experience something new and different.

Have you been enjoying your long weekend?

And thank you so much for all of your kind words about finally finished shawl, I so appreciate them.


  1. These are beautiful photos Catherine. I'm like you, I prefer to be behind the camera, rather than in front of it. But I need to remember that it's important for Millie that I have a photo or two taken every now and again. I'm also loving your saltwater sandals. These have been on my wishlist for quite some time now. Enjoy the remainder of your long weekend. Melinda xx

  2. Beautiful beach photos, how nice to still be enjoying visits to the beach. After a long summer it has suddenly turned cold here, we have had our first fire! I find it hard being in front of the camera too but struggle with the fact it helps to show how hand made clothes and knitting looks. I just checked the previous post, your shawl is gorgeous. Hugs Wendy xx

  3. So nice to see your smiling face :) It's true, we mummies are always behind the lense.

    Sophie xo

  4. I love the photo of you - I feel the same, I'm much more comfortable behind the camera than in front! I've heard about Palm Beach and Elephant Rock before - would love to visit one day :)

  5. Looks like a lovely time at the beach. I was looking at your photos thinking you need to get some with you in them and then one popped up. Well done. I prefer to take them too, but as you say, It's good for the kids to have some with Mum too. xxoo

  6. It's a gorgeous natural photo of must let them take more of you for them to your beach shots...this is. Lovely time of the year for beach playing....although we have the soaking rains this weekend. Xxxx


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