Tuesday, April 1


 April today, almost time for the Easter Bunny. 
 Thoughtful notes making their way to my letter box, thank you my lovely friend Ally. This is one of the wonderful unexpected things that has come from blogging that I am truly grateful for.
 Parcels in the mail from my gorgeous friend Bron.  Thank you so so much I will treasure these gifts. 
 Flowers picked by my little one on her way to meet me after school.
Blueberries smoothies, our afternoon treat.
My little Miss 10 with a basket full of eggs.  The little eggs have been filled with a few natural lollies and a strip of stickers, wrapped up and tied with a ribbon.  She is so excited about delivery them tomorrow.


  1. What a beautiful are certainly organised for Easter...How fun for all Miss 10's friends. xxx

  2. That's a gorgeous idea that your daughter is giving to her friends. A lovely collection of pics as always.

  3. What a lovely collection of photos...and beautiful moments. Can't believe it's nearly Easter! Hope you've been well, Catherine. It's been a while since I visited your lovely space. The bub, has kept me busy, that's for sure.

  4. What beautiful mail to have received... Ally's photo is so beautiful and Bron's package must have really made you smile.... such loveliness!! I adore the photo of Miss 10 and her basket of eggs xx

  5. Gorgeous photos and some lovely surprises for you in the mail. Your eggs look great. xxoo


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