Thursday, April 3


I took a moment to stop by the river on my way to an appointment, I only wish I had more time to soak up the peacefulness of being by the water.
It was a busy day today, my brain is tired now and I'm looking forward to tomorrow as it's the last day of term! This is a leaf from one of my plants at home, it's bright pink/purple colour caught my eye and with camera in hand I thought I would take a photo to show off it's beauty.

Have a wonderful day my friends. x


  1. That purple leaf is just beautiful. Last day of term... hooray!! We still have next week to go before school holidays here :)

  2. What a stunningly beautiful plant.....yay for school holidays...can't wait....enjoy your Friday . Xxx

  3. that is a pretty plant. you have zoomed in on it so well. I love stopping by the water too. I am craving the southern end of the gold coast right now, a nice apartment with an ocean view! hope you have a good weekend. Jx

  4. The colour and detail of that leaf is amazing! x

  5. What a peaceful, relaxing view.....
    the type of place that you wish time would just stop still for a moment,
    Have a lovely week x

  6. Hi Catherine. I must apologise for not being here. I must have accidentally deleted your blog from my list. I thought you had been having a break from blogging. That's why I sent you an email. Silly me. Any way, I'm back and I'm about to catch up on your lovely photos. Xxoo


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