Friday, May 23


Well hello...It looks like it's catch up time for me.  This past week has flown by and my poor camera hasn't come out of it's bag sadly.  It's been busy here with hubby working long hours, an oven with a couple of expensive problems that have now been fixed, children driven here and there, school, sick little ones and just life.  I am so glad that today is Friday!  I picked up the camera this afternoon and snapped a few photos to catch up on my 365 project.

I have been busy knitting more of the baby blanket I was working on last week.  I'm now up to the second colour.
My little one had a temp and a bit of a sore throat so I crushed up a little panadol for her and mixed it with some honey.
An early bubble bath to try and help get that temperature down.
Miss Molly got all prettied up the other day.  She didn't get a clip this time because she might soon be going to a show with her clipper for a competition so her coat needs to be long.  She is looking a bit like a fluffy toy at the moment after her wash and blow dry.
The golden afternoon light coming through my bedroom windows.
One of our three new hens, I'm looking forward to a few more eggs being laid soon.
Pretty sunset view.
Look at my garden growing.  This is the bok choy I planted about 3 weeks ago now.  I think it might end up on our menu next week.

Well have a wonderful Saturday my friends.


  1. Hi Catherine! I liked that picture of a window in your room the most... so cozy.
    Wishing your younger to get well soon, I am sure she will, that honey looks magical!
    Have a happy weekend!

  2. You have captured some picture perfect shots...sorry your miss has been unwell....some weeks just seem to get away from us...especially if there are thing swaying heavy...hope the weekend brings some more sunshine and relaxation.....oh and lots of fresh eggs. Xxxx

  3. You certainly have had a busy time. hope your little one is feeling better. Miss molly is very cute.

  4. Beautiful photos, it sounds like you have had lots on this week. I hope your little one is better, I agree, Miss Molly is really cute :) hugs Wendy

  5. Beautiful light in these Catherine. I hope the sicknesses are clearing up. Is that a Jacaranda tree you are looking at the sunset through? We planted a Jacaranda a couple of months ago, hoping it flowers this year, they are so pretty. xx

  6. Molly looks adorable in that photo!! And I LOVE that you have hens now... nothing like free range eggs with their glorious, bright yellow yolks xx


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