Wednesday, June 11


I decided to jump on the fiddle fig bandwagon.  I've always like some greenery inside.
I had lunch on the oval with my youngest at school yesterday. It's a nice event the school hosts each year.
I baked this today especially for my carrot cake loving hubby.
How has your week been?


  1. Hi Catherine, just popping in to say 'hi', and hope you are well........Beautiful photos, especially of your sweet girl. I'm a big fan of the Fiddle-leaf Figs too but am just trying my luck on some lower-priced indoor plants before I make the commitment :-) Have a lovely week.....Mel x

  2. Those portraits are so very very lovely. Pure delight.

  3. I am just mesmerized by the clean clean lines of your desk and floor...I could only dream of such uncluttered beauty in my life!!!! Love the pics of your beautiful girl. xxx

  4. Your fiddle-leaf fig is lovely in that pot. I was given one for my birthday which is doing okay so far (touch wood)... I'm not too sure about care/maintenance of them and worry mine might need a sunnier spot closer to a window...


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