Sunday, June 15


 Miss 10 taught me how to loom, gee it was fun
Miss Molly all clipped and looking much neater than her former scruffy self.
I'm still enjoying knitting this baby blanket.
Miss 14 making herself french toast for lunch on a cold, rainy day.
A stop on the way home from my Mum's just for me to take some photos. I love my little family entertaining my love for photography.

Ahh weekend it was lovely to have had two days at home until we meet again...
Enjoy your week everyone.


  1. Love that the looming requires such basic materials......miss Molly does look super cute. Xxxxx

  2. The looming looks fun, love your knitting. What stunning scenery, it doesn't look like winter!! xx

  3. Looming is such a huge craze at the moment! Grace is still too little to be into it just yet. Your knitting looks so lovely and neat (as does Molly all clipped) xx


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