Monday, June 23


I'm organised today, shopping is done, a bit of baking completed and tidied up and the potatoes are in the oven baking for dinner tonight and now I'm blogging and it's only 2 o'clock.  I love it when you have moments of drive and the momentum keeps you going and getting things achieved.  This week I'm hoping to get my baby blanket finished I'm currently knitting my 6th colour so just one more to go. Once my blanket is finished I'm going to treat myself to this and this, a little something just for me. My hopes for a friend catch up may not eventuate as I hoped but there is always the holidays to meet with children....Enjoy the rest of your Monday I hope it's been a good one.


  1. I love days like that too, the feeling of accomplishment is so nice! Your bikkies look good and I love the look of your next project. xx

  2. Yum, those biscuits look delicious! x

  3. Those days are fantastic...when everything falls in to place and there is something to show for the organisation....cookies being the best. Xxx

  4. Hi Catherine, I've just been scrolling through your photos....gorgeous. I've been looking at cowls too. Think I might start one soon. Enjoy xxoo


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