Sunday, June 22

168-172/365 'Sunday Snippets'

I hope you can forgive me that the photos are just of today.  Honestly I struggle to find interesting things to take photos of each day.  The girls are generally at school and my days are usually filled with well general house hold things which aren't quite so photographic.  Our week was about exams for my oldest, a trip to the shops to enter her in a model competition (she didn't get chosen but we know she is gorgeous just the same:) and my youngest had a weekend of fun with her friend who took her here  to celebrate her birthday. Today was spent at home catching up on washing, ironing, menu planning and knitting.  Next week is our last week of school before holidays so I'm hoping to catch up with a dear friend for a cup of tea and a chat if she's free, it's been a while.
Did you have a good weekend?
Have a wonderful week.
 I woke to a misty morning that hung around till mid morning.
 My tomato plants full of flowers.  I'm looking forward to lots of tomatoes.
 A pretty spider web covered in misty dew.
 Dew everywhere.
 My cute little companion Molly.
 Trying new hairstyles found on the internet.
 The chooks out of their pen for a scratch around the yard, the sun came out, it was a beautiful day.
Miss 14 baked us a chocolate cake for afternoon tea.


  1. Well, I must say ... doesn't look uninteresting to me at all! Everything is rather gorgeous and awesome. Every day life is a wonderful thing. Best wishes, Tammy

  2. Great spider web picture and cute dog.


  3. I know what you mean when you struggle to get a photo a day, but these from your day are just beautiful. I love how you've captured your chooks- lovely light through the feathers.

  4. Those great pics look like the mornings we have been having too......i too have been struggling a little with the photo taking....bring on school holidays I say...we are a week behind than you so we have two weeks left of school.
    Fraser went to bounce on the weekend too, a real hit with the kids.

    Have a lovely week and hope it is filled with lots of cuppas and quiet time. Xxxxx


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