Wednesday, June 25


Yet another post about food but I know you like yummy lunch ideas. This was my lunch yesterday, grain bread toasted slathered with avocado topped with spinach from the garden and a boiled egg from our new hens, simple and yummo. I also gave this slice a try, simple and healthy except for the icing I put on mine and last night I made these to go with soup, big hit with almost all of us..
Miss 10 had a science expo today and made some glowing water, it was a fun morning and she was so good at telling everyone how her experiment worked.


  1. Oh yum, it looks a delicious lunch idea. Yummy recipes too. The blue Miss 10 made is amazing! xx

  2. How great when our kids do us proud......and that lunch looks divine....hmmm maybe it could be my Friday lunch. Xxxx

  3. Your lunch looks amazing...just what I'm craving
    And I love it when science is interesting!!

  4. Yum! That's pretty much my ideal lunch! Could eat it every day! X

  5. Your lunch sounds yummy. I really must try and make some more substantial/filling lunches for myself. Thanks for the recipe links xx


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