Monday, September 1


Hello... I firstly want to say a big thank you to each of you for your kind words of support on my last post, for being there and for being my cheering squad you really know how to make someone feel supported and encouraged.  I feel very grateful to have you stop by and lift my spirits.

My week in photos....
Miss 10 sang in her school choir, happy and proud.
There were dull, grey, rainy days.
Some crochet for my little niece, still in progress.
Cups of peppermint tea to settle the blah feeling in my tummy.
New magazines to sit and peruse.
Special cakes made for a special big daughter.
Family fun to celebrate Miss 15.

Happy 15th birthday today to my first born.
Enjoy being 15 may it bring you all that you strive and wish for and much happiness.
Love Mum.

Have a terrific Tuesday my friends.


  1. Happy happy birthday to your gorgeous girl....I have loved 15 in our house....they are sitting on the verge of being a true older young person.
    I need to take inspiration from you and get my camera out for simple every day snapping again.....maybe now a little spring is in the air. Xxxxx

  2. Wow a 15 year old, my eldest will be turning 11 in November and I still can't believe that. The cake looks beautiful and I love the rainbow on it. I'm drawn to your second photo above which is very moody. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  3. Happy 15th birthday to your eldest! I have two very excited girls turning 3 and 5 in the next month! X

  4. Happy birthday Miss 15! Growing even more beautiful every time I see her pretty face here!! x


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