Monday, September 8

244-254/365 Busy, busy...

I seem to have made it a bit of a habit to post once a week.  Last week started off on a busy note and ended on one too.  Sunday was father's day, a nice day but a hard day too as it was my first without my Dad.  So my mission was to keep busy and fuss over the most awesome Dad in my girls lives and let him know how much we love him.  We took a drive to a new park, had a salad roll and a few lollies and a big walk.  If you live in the Brisbane area it's well worth a visit particularly if you like a walk or to ride your bike. Today saw my Miss 10 going off to camp  so I was busy sewing her some new pj pants (which I ran out of time to photograph). It seems to be a bit of a tradition  I made her some new ones last year for camp too. So today I waved her goodbye, watching her look out at me with her upset face, I do hope she has a good camp. It doesn't seem to get any easier saying good bye to my girls....  So how has your week been?  Have you got any plans for the week ahead?
I'll be busy finishing this little bag for my niece for her upcoming birthday party, getting a haircut and catching up with a friend which I'm looking forward to and the usual life things that keep us busy.
Have a great week everyone!!


  1. Such lovely fathers day snaps.
    I'm hoping to catch up with a friend for brunch this week and do a bit of op-shopping too. x

  2. I've had that parkland on my "places to go" for about a year now but as it's over the other side of town I haven't got there yet. Love the last photo with the reflections of her in the bus with the trees. Regards Kathy A, brisbane

  3. Beautiful shots. So hard to see your girl head off with a sad face - not looking forward to that! Hope your week is lovely Catherine x

  4. I always wonder about my kids always toooo eager to get to camp LOL. Lovely snaps C xx

  5. The first Father's Day is always so hard. Without my Dad or Paul's, I focus on Paul instead for the girls. However, we still visit the cemetary and remember too. What a gorgeous collection of photos you've captured here Catherine xx


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