Thursday, January 1

362-365/365 'Happy New Year'

The last couple of days of last year were good.  We spend some family time together going to the museum and visiting the exhibit Undressed: 350 years of Underwear in Fashion as something a little different and quite interesting.  Then it was some couple time which also included a trip to GOMA for us where we could wander leisurely around, it was perfect.

So that brings me to a little round up of my goals I had for myself last year.  I had planned on blogging for the last time in 2014 last night but the mood just wasn't there.  Last year was a challenging year for me after almost 2 years of battling cancer my father passed away.  It has been so very hard learning to live without him, the grief, the sadness, the anger, so many emotions.  I never truly knew the depth of some emotions until I lost someone who was a part of me, who I was a part of.  I decided to pursue a 365 project to help me during a year I know would be difficult.  My love of photography was a connection I shared with my Dad so I felt it would be therapeutic for me and help me with my learning.  I kind of completed it in my own way and overall I felt that it helped me in my learning and made me think of my Dad often.  

As far as my other goals for 2014 how did I go???  I didn't get paid to photography people my stumbling block seemed to be coming up with a business name.  I did a favour for a friend and photographed their home so I saw it as a small step towards taking photos for others.  

Creating clothing..... I knitted a cowl and finished my shawl so kind of.  

My garden was doing well for most of the year however during a long dry spell I allowed it to go untouched, so I mostly achieved this goal.  

Believing in myself and pushing past invisible boundaries... I am still working on this one.  

Being more active in my life I felt I didn't put in the effort I needed to, I believe less screen time this year will help me with this.  

I was good for periods of time with mindfulness meditating and getting into a good state of mind but struggled a little with periods of grief.  

I made a conscious effort to catch up and talk with friends.  I opened my heart and developed some wonderful friendships.  One friend in particular was always there for me when I needed her and I will be eternally grateful to her for that.  

Being happy I needed to work on so I read lots of books, I wrote daily something to be grateful for and reminded myself just how good my life is despite the unhappy events that have occurred.

I suppose each year I write goals to help me focus on areas I feel I need to work on, some years I am really good and others no as much.  Whether or not things are achieved I am always learning, learning about myself and others and more about what life really means to me and that makes me happy.

I have written a few goals for myself, late last night so I am hoping they make sense to me now.

* To create more.  That might be sewing, knitting, crochet, making soap and more self sufficient baking like bread and jams.
* To take care of my health regularly going to yoga, getting more sleep, pampering myself with a nice facial at home, things like that.
* To continue my photography journey towards creating a business.
* To sow and grow food.  Gardening is good for the soul and my health.
* To be a present and calm person for myself, for my girls and for my husband.
* To be a better and happier me, letting go and moving forward.
* To have a great 2015!!!

Thank you to everyone who comes by to visit me, to those who comment and those who don't.  May your 2015 bring you much happiness, love and good health.


  1. Beautiful. You should be proud of what you have is hard to push beyond that thing called grief. It doesn't go away but you will learn to sit better as you move through time. I love your new goals and look forward to seeing some of them shared here.
    Happy new year and thanks for the friendship. X

  2. I was wondering how you went with your ambitious list of goals for 2014 - but didn't want to ask. I think this year's list may be more attainable and holds more grace. Blogging and photography tend to help us keep track of life which disappears on a day by day basis, providing space to frame our thoughts and make sense of what's happening. Be kind to yourself Catherine.

  3. I likes your post and it's good to have goals to work towards and sometimes we don't achieve them 100 percent but at least it's a direction and other goals may drop off as things change during the year. Having lost your father is definately going to create sadness and a single thought can remind you of a time when he was there and then you miss him all over again. Nothing takes away that incredible loss and focusing on the good in your life with the 365 project was probably a good thing as your photography makes you happy as well. Actually my kids, my photography and my veggie garden has been what's got me through a difficult marriage and the last 7 years that I have been out of it. And trust me it has been equally hard out of it due to control by the ex. Just horrible and it's no better now but I won't go into that. Now to something nice... It's Enoggera Dam and you drive and park at Walk about Creek at The Gap and it's about 100 metre walk from the car park. Not much parking at the moment but they are making new ones. Kathy

  4. Well done on getting through such a difficult year so well Catherine. I love that your photography project helped you remember your Dad. I love your goals for the year ahead. May 2015 bring you an abundance of happy times and lots of wonderful memories xx


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