Monday, January 5

Beach Adventuring

With hubby's holidays nearing their end and a beach trip still on our to do list we made the long drive north to the beach.  We rose early so the weather would be cooler and the stroll along the beach a nice one.  It was an overcast and our drive a rainy one in patches but went anyway.  The beach was quieter when we arrived but there were still some young families enjoying the cool morning and warm water temperatures. Hubby and my youngest jumped and splashed and enjoyed the ocean whilst my oldest and myself sat and chatted and watched on. We did manage to get rained on but we dried off, the rain disappeared and we enjoyed that cooler walk.  We all really enjoyed our day at the beach and then out to lunch up on the mountain. Taking time together getting out of the city and to the beach, back to some nature was just what we needed.  I am though still feeling the need for some more exploring, I think a trip down the coast and into the rainforest might be in order.


  1. Wow you have all kinds of wether going on...glad you didn't let the dark skies put you off...looks like it was fun. We are having a scorcher today so being at the beach is not an option...early morning swim lessons at the pool then home to the air con....soft I know ! Xxxxx

  2. beautiful! and my how I have missed popping over here. your photos are as divine as ever. xoxo

  3. I think I posted my comment in the post before this one...about the Dam details for you. Kathy


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